CALL TO ACTION from Frank Amedia

Dear POTUS Shield sphere: 


We are called now to step into the gap for PRESIDENT TRUMP & the FIRST LADY as WATCHMEN, WORSHIPPERS, AND WARRIORS. 


THE LIST IS LONG of SPECIFIC PRAYER POINTS. HOLY SPIRIT will guide you to focus on the targeted intercession for the particular moment. I have been called to prayer at specific times of the night and day, declaring protection, strengthening, and rejuvenation of POTUS' organs, systems, bodily functions, and recovery. 


I will be sending out a timed video early this week as I seek the Word of the Lord and His guidance. Recall that The Hezekiah BLAST was expected for this specific season, commencing Rosha Shana, through Yom Kippur, now in Sukkot. We received that there would be three (3) more EPISODES in short order following the opening for the THIRD SUPREME COURT JUSTICE. This latest episode affecting the President physically is not incidental. BE ASSURED THAT ALMIGHTY IS IN COMPLETE CONTROL and that in this move "... We know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according TO HIS PURPOSE." (Romans 8:28). More episodes are coming indeed. The FURY OF THE LORD has gone forth for the cause of HIS OWN NAME and this will be accomplished by the ZEAL OF THE LORD. 


The Lord is doing a MIGHTY WORK in the earth, in this nation, in those of us who pursue HIM with unwavering faith, and IN THE PRESIDENT. As you pray, also consider that this is a time set aside for POTUS to rest, for his spirit to be restored and receive from the Lord. This time will be understood to have been very productive and necessary for POTUS at this time. 


May the Lord bless you and keep you as you step into this gap and persevere as members of this specially equipped spiritual weapon anointed as POTUS SHIELD. 




Frank Amedia