Dear Warriors, Watchmen and Worshipers: 

You might recall that on November 9, 2016, at 3:30 a.m. just after the conclusion of the election of Donald Trump as our President, I received and proclaimed a vision that imparted the assignment to inaugurate Potus Shield. I published this in writing, on television and on recorded videos. What I saw was a broom being swept up and down the front facade and columns of the Supreme Court building. This building is the seat of the Supreme Court of the United States and the third branch of government, the Judicial branch. As I inquired what I was to do, the Spirit clearly spoke to me that the Lord was going to sweep and TRANSFORM the federal court system, and that he would provide for three (3) new justices to be appointed on the court. He further declared that He would shake up the lower federal court systems and shift this tainted judicial structure from bottom to top. I also received that He would change our country's trade laws and would also purge the trade judges. And I heard that this transformation would manifest in the first season of President Trump's term. 
Neil Gorsuch was the first Justice of the three to be seated. Now less than two years into President Trump's first term, Brett Kavanaugh is nominated to be the second justice seated. And there is a third coming ... we shall deal with that soon. 
Now, at the onset of Judge Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation hearing, I have sought the Lord and asked Him what he would have us do. The Spirit spoke clearly to me to publish a call for a three-hour cyclical prayer and intercession participation, patterning the Eight Prayer watches, to support Brett Kavanaugh to be approved and seated on the Supreme Court. Please refer to the schedule below.  We are inviting you as led of the Lord to sign onto one or more of these watches and to pray daily in agreement for this victory. We shall send Potus Shield alerts and post more information as we continue together in our assignment. 
It is not the length of prayers on your watch, but more so that your heart is open to be led what to pray at that specific time. It may be impractical for you to set aside three hours at that time, but you can open your heart and commit to pray and be sensitive to the voice of the Lord during your watch. 
Essentially, we are storming the Court of Heaven to affirm the Word of the Lord for the high court of this nation. As we are so doing, I pray your eyes "see" the stream of prayers that flow from around our country and other areas of the globe and the stream of Heavenly activity raining down in response upon our government.  We are spanning the globe within different time zones and that will result in a steady stream of prayer and intercession being lifted up. 
Your commitment is between you and the Lord. I know that many of you experience specific times of the day and evening that you are called to prayer. That has become your watch. Every watch has a purpose and we are all called according to His plans and purposes. 
We make no apologies for our pleading that the killing of unborn children and the sanctity of life is our first and foremost cause.  It is our prayer that we return to our foundation as one nation under God, and that the God we worship and acknowledge is identified in our Judea-Christian holy scriptures. 
Please do respond by email to this website and confirm your response to the Call to participate.  Please provide your name and the watch or watches that you are led to participate in. That will enable us to send you by email specific prayer points. Your reward shall be deposited into your heavenly account.  Kindly refer to the timetable below. 
Love and Blessings,

Frank Amedia