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Frank Amedia Reacts to the State of the Union

Watch Dutch Sheets read Frank Amedia's Editorial and pray

Read Frank Amedia's Editorial Below

This morning I was requested by Charisma to provide my assessment of President Biden's State of the Union Address last evening. To be clear, I continue to pray and promote prayer and intercession for our President, and likewise for our nation, the Supreme Court and pending nomination, and all of the important issues before us as a people of God. However, I cannot, we cannot be silent as to the inept leadership which is having severe consequences on our nation and future. This is what I provided to the editor: 


My comments are influenced by my education as a political scientist as well as my 40 years of teaching scripture. I could rant on with details that dissect the State of the Union address to our nation last evening, but given the assignment to be brief, here it is generally: 


From my perspective, President Biden's speech, from beginning to end, was delusional and tainted with hypocrisy. 


The tactic by President Biden's speechwriters to play on emotions with spirited praise of the Ukraine President and Ukrainians for fighting to the death, while attempting to appear to be courageous in the face of Putin in a manner that Putin himself scoffs at; was both expected and distasteful. My eyes teared up as I watched the Ukrainian ambassador called out to stand and wave her little flag, while her spirit cried out for help and she appeared visibly scared and helpless. The horrific images of women, children, men, and youth dying and suffering in Ukraine overshadowed the theatrical posturing of the staged actors in the Capitol auditorium. The fact is that President Biden and the NATO leaders cowered under the "Goliath" like taunting of a ruthless and calculated dictator and elected to sacrifice Ukraine on the altar of geopolitical economics, literally fueled by oil and gas. 


President Biden has been and is leading from behind. The list of mishaps and misguided decisions continues to mount. It is evident by sheer empirical facts, that he and his administration are inept at handling a myriad of serious problems. President Biden attempted to present that the border was in control while behind him at his right hand, peering over his shoulder, was his appointed border czar VP Kamala Harris who by almost everyone's standards has been missing in action. The fact is that in one year, we have become a nation without effective borders.


Behind him and on his left side, was Speaker Pelosi who carefully staged her reactions throughout the speech, stumbling out of her chair at times and coming off as a dated cheerleader who did not know the score and that her team was losing. 


This is the state of our country today... Essentially, good is being relegated to evil, and evil is promoted to good. Crime is rampant, murder rates are soaring, police are being shot, and prosecutors are deciding not to prosecute and are releasing criminals back into society with no recourse. Good Stewardship practices are at best sorely lacking if not intentionally discarded. Inflation is out of control and getting worse while the delivery of goods is delayed as if we are a third world country, and the cost of goods is ratcheting up daily. But we are expected (by our President) to ignore reality and believe that the Green New Deal will create millions of jobs, pump trillions of dollars into the marketplace, and rescue us from the spiraling decay of our economy. He failed to even acknowledge the present condition that we are no longer independent as regards to the production of fossil fuels, while our nation and the world purchase lower-grade fuels from countries who have no regard at all for clean energy. 


And then came the ultimate breach of leadership as regards the moral fiber of our country ... and also the worst kind of hypocrisy ... President Biden's appeal that the health and welfare of women must be safeguarded by maintaining Roe vs. Wade and continuing the infanticide of our unborn children. Now over 60 million voices of unborn children who never breathed on earth, are echoing in the halls of heaven for the murder to stop. Our gracious Lord has given us an opportunity now to reverse this curse with a Supreme Court that President Biden wants to influence otherwise. On Nov. 9, 2016, I released this Word of the Lord: "President Trump will have occasion to appoint one, yes two, yes three new Supreme Court Justices in his first season. Tell the lawyers, tell my activists, to begin their cases in the lower courts. And when they make their way to the Supreme Court, I will change this law of the land." The fate of our Nation is to be determined therein. 


And as to the state of our Union: at present, the American executive branch is likened to a ship piloted by a captain that does not know where the rudder is. The Captain is surrounded by shipmates that would rather fish their personal and globalist agendas than to honorably steady the wayward vessel and advise the delusional Captain with veracity and "country-first" hearts. "Come Lord Jesus" will intensify as a cry of deliverance here in the United States from the Body of Christ in the remaining years of this Presidency. 


Our Lord is sovereign and the next chapters of the Russian/Ukraine/ World system are still to be seen. We believe in miracles and that is our prayer for the present-day holocaust that is unfolding upon common people simply wanting to live in a democracy in Ukraine. All of the noise aside, that is reality. Blessings, 


Frank Amedia


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